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Kristian Ronge

Knee-Deep In The DEU demos

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Grazza suggested I take a look at this mapset, so I did. It's included in the DEU 5.21 distribution found at ftp://3darchives.in-span.net/pub/idgames/utils/level_edit/deu/deu521.zip
(or mirrors), as "kneedeep.wad".

I've been busy with other stuff (and Mock2) :-) so I've only gotten around to recording on the first two maps. Map 1 UV speed (0:17), UV max (0:55). Map 2 UV speed (0:09), UV max (0:44). All in ZDooM 1.22. Hope you like 'em, Grazza. :-)

I'll hopefully get around to recording the rest of the maps next week.

Note that the WAD was made for the Ultimate DooM. Strangely, though, these demos appear to be playable if you use the DooM 2 IWAD as well. *shrug*


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More "Knee-Deep in the DEU" maps from me..

map 3 UV speed 1:07, UV max 2:23
map 4 UV speed 1:26, UV max 2:46
map 5 UV speed 1:25, UV max 2:39
map 6 UV speed 0:07, UV max 2:39

To get 100% kills on map 6 I had to come up with a rocket jump (I'm sure I wasn't the first person to invent this). That's about the coolest thing in this pack. :-)

ZDooM 1.22, as usual. Enjoy!

(I'll post demos for the remaining three maps in a while.)


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