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Shadow Needs Texture Pictures

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Yo Guys.

I need The Following All in 256 Color .bmp that look like the actual thing.

1.All The Textures From Doom or Ultimate Doom.
2.All The Textures From Hexen.
3.All The Textures From Heretic.
4.Some Background Textures(Water,Flame,Cracks)
5.Some Flats And Cielings that will look cool.

If u got any of those in 256 color bmp or all of them put em in a Zip File and email them to me at Clansr03@yahoo.com


Send it to me via aim
S/n= XBlackDagger89X

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For items one through three you can use wintex to extract them.

For the other two, I can't help you, but enough persistance with your image editor of choice should do the trick.

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