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Hell2Pay, Map 8 UV Max

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This is a legacy 1.40 UV Max demo of Map 8 - updated time 9:29.
The megawad I used is htp-Ltd.wad from the hell2pay zip.

*** For the "Limited Edition" (demo version) of the Doom 2 megawad "Hell2Pay" by Wraith Corporation ***

File required: Hell2Pay.wad (the demo version) OR simply use the htp-Ltd.wad from the hell2pay.zip as I did.

Example: legacy -file htp-Ltd.wad -playdemo hy080929
OR (after running INSTALL)
Example: legacy -file hell2pay.wad -playdemo hy080929

Download link: http://www.3dgamers.com/dl/games/do...ll2pay.zip.html


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