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Important note for prboom/glboom users

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Richie Agnew's text-file for his hr241104 demo (a must-see, BTW) in the new DSDA update points out something very important.

The "complevel" settings in prboom 2.2.4 have all changed from those in 2.2.3. See Readme.compat.txt in the prboom zip file for details.

Doom2.exe (v. 1.9) compatibility is now -complevel 0. This is the setting to use if you want demos also to play back OK with doom2.exe, or if you just want to play with everything as similar as possible to the original game. This accounts for the desyncs some people have been getting: -complevel 1 is now the same as -complevel 2 was in prboom 2.2.3 - a setting I always found to be quite unreliable (demos often failed to play back even with prboom itself).

Boom compatibility is now -complevel 3.

I have been lucky myself - all my glboom 2.2.4 -complevel 1 demos have played back OK, and therefore it didn't occur to me that anything had changed. Apologies to anyone to whom I gave false information, and who was less fortunate. :(

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Yeah, I should've said something about that sooner... this a very important post.
Unfortunately, Richie discovered that problem at the cost of a bad desync on hr241109. :(
thankfully, he was able to re-record an improvement. :)

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I also notice that the readme text-files in the prboom 2.3.0 package contradict each other. I presume that Readme.demos.txt is correct (though only provides partial information), and that Readme.compat.txt was copied unchanged from version 2.2.3.

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Thanks for the compliment on the hr24 lmp Grazza, I had a fun time recording that bad boy... And its all good Doug, sometimes the things are changed in these source ports that we wouldnt think would be changed... Example the complevels... :) Thanks for keeping the demo community alive man. Keep it up...


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