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Doubts, Ideas & Wishes

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Hello all,

I have some doubts that I would like you people to clarify if possible, along with some thoughts of mine that I would like to share with you as well. I have already tried to find out the answers for the things I don't know, but haven't succeeded as I would've liked to. There are still aspects I'd like to know, and I'm pretty sure I will get cleverer and more precise answers here; I hope you don't mind. Those thoughts I'd like to share too are just that: thoughts, or wishes, in fact; and I'd like them to be taken as what they are: my opinion, personal ideas and wishes.

Alright, first off: I have found a great document most of you surely already know. It's called 'The Un-Official Master Levels For DOOM 2 FAQ V1.02', and it's by Henrik Larsen. I've read it all at least twice and the things I've found out thanks to it are pretty cool. It's great to know what was inside the mind of the Master Levels creators at the time they were making the maps, and what their opinion on Maximum DOOM was... Anyway, there is something there which is mentioned several times, some sort of compilation different from the Master Levels + Maximum DOOM itself. I'm talking about 'D!Zone'. Henrik Larsen and some other people talk about this product, and they all seem to like it pretty much; even John Romero says a few things about it...

So, first question: What is exactly 'D!Zone'? Is it one CD containing WADs like 'Maximum DOOM'? Is it more than that? Two CDs? Three? Who made it? When did it come out? Apparently it's older than The Master Levels + Maximum DOOM, but how older? Was it world-wide distributed? And... Did the people who released it make profit out of it? If so, how was that possible? I always thought only Id Software was allowed to earn money through DOOM resources...

And that leads me to a second question: Those thousands of WADs included in Maximum DOOM were made by fans from all over the world, and I don't think any of them intended their work to be commercialized, right? Was -and is- Id Software allowed to choose any person's DOOM mod/mods, put it/them inside a CD and get money out of that procedure? Is there any part in the official DOOM FAQ document which states this? Maybe there is, and I missed it... I don't know... I just think it's not completely fair that the people at Id Software sell things other people made, even though those 'things' are based on a copyrighted product of theirs. Maybe this is not like this, so please, let me know what you know and think about it.

Third question: What's with 'Hell To Pay' and 'Perdition's Gate'? What is this 'Wraith Corporation' that made them? Why did these people sell the complete versions of both titles? Again, I thought it was illegal to earn money with DOOM modifications... Did these people get permission from Id Software? How did things happen?... I don't know about you, but I believe it wouldn't be so unfair if the two full versions of these games were started being uploaded and were made publicly available now. It wouldn't be very fair for all those who have been able to find them and ultimately spent their money to purchase them (which I don't think have been many, by the way), but for people like me, living here in Argentina, it is extremely difficult to get hold of products like these; and all of you collectors know how not being able to obtain a certain product hurts. And come on, they are two DOOM mods which some people made... I still don't know what was behind their release, how things were arranged, if they were really allowed to commercialize them, and that's why I've asked that in this very paragraph; but their profitable time should end already, if you ask me. It is my humble opinion and wish that they are taken to the public domain now... Wouldn't be so bad, would it? But well... not everything you dream of comes true.

Many doubts, huh? Hahahahaha... I'm not finished yet, if you allow me: I'd also like to know whether you know about any other mod or compilation like those already mentioned, which has been sold too... All this is actually pretty new to me; not long ago I still believed the only profitable software DOOM-related for PC was DOOM, The Ultimate DOOM, DOOM 2, Final DOOM and The Master Levels + Maximum DOOM, along with the official compilations made by Id, which also included Heretic and some other titles, like 'Id Anthology' and so on. Now I see that I've been wrong (LOL), so it'd be nice to know how many titles I've missed.

Well, I guess that's enough for now. Thanks for reading up to here, I hope to get some responses in the near future. Take care you all,


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If you're saying that it would be nice if Wraith Corporation (or whoever owns the rights to their products now) made these wads freely available, then I fully agree. However, that would be their decision alone.

I hope you are not asking for or advocating the warezing of these products.

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Of course, I was just speaking my mind about it. I don't think it would be so bad if these games were made publicly available now; don't misunderstand me: I'm not requesting that someone uploads them and gives me the link, no... I've just found out, thanks to Szymanski, that the people behind them did have permission from Id, and that is enough for me. Simply, I believe it'd be a nice and kind move from them to let everybody play their games now... After all, I don't think they are still making much money out of them; though, of course, I may be completely mistaken.

Thanks for the replies so far,


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