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Texture editing

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I tried using XWE to merge textures into my .wad files, but DoomBuilder will not recognize the changes! I follow all of the instructions on XWE for adding new textures, but......


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Well, for starters did you right-right click them and press Add to PNAMES and Add to TEXTURE? Also, for good measure, I always put my patches between PP_START and PP_END.

If you id all of this, then please try to go into a little more detail.

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Followed every instruction to a tee.....still won't work :(
In XWE, It ends up having these entries at the end...

Texture1 (Texture)

Is there more i must do?

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Geezz... I didn't know you could edit add textures that easily. I suppose it sets up the texture's offset and such on it's own. Damn...

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