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KS series author's glimpse into Hell

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The author the KS series who just sent me KS9 (which I will be reviewing) has also had a look at the new map I'm working on - Leap of Faith - the fourth part of the Descent Into Hell series. I thought I would share some of what he had to say on this map so far.

First transporter on the ******** takes you to an area beginning with an ****** ********* *****. Since you're not in the mood for a ****, you move forward. A few steps onward, there are some cage-like structures on either side. Spooked, you are thankful that the high priest (that would be me) has not installed some viscious baddies in there to rip your fucking lungs out before you can scream. A few more steps and a HW dude pops out and tries riddles you, but you raise the IDFA shotgun and blast him into oblivion. You laugh. To the left, opposite the dead guy's ambush spot, there is a door that won't open. You shoot it full of buckshot just for the hell of it and turn to the forward door which opens to reveal a bunch of crushers. You find a switch amidst the crushers. You dodge the crushers and get to the switch. It opens that door that you shot dead. Backtracking to this door, you see that it opens SIDEWAYS! What th' fuck? Fuck it, you enter. There is a long narrow corridor that looks so much like close quarters combat waiting to happen that the hair stands up on the back of your neck. You're ready for anything. But then EVERYthing happens. There's a noise like sliding death and you spin around. A switch has descended from the ceiling where the sideways door was. But not only that. You are suddenly caught in a nasty crossfire of machine gun bullets as you dash for the switch and throw it, then beat feet back to safety through the opposite door, leaving guts and a bloodtrail behind you. You walk around the room admiring the design...

Sorry for the blank outs but I don't want to give anything away.

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