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Doom Marine

Can't find a functioning version of DETH

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I'm running windows XP, and can't find a version of DETH that works, not even on DoomWorld, is there any known sites out there that possess fully functioning, XP-compatible versions of DETH? If there is one, will you please show me the link. Thanks.

Shit. this should be in the editing topic.

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DETH?!?!? Ugh... Have you tried DoomBuilder, I think it does all of the same stuff that DETH does, and it runs on XP (I have XP, too).
It is compatible with most new sources ports, new textures, etc.

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I couldn't get DETH to work in XP either, it has to do with video cards (worked in XP with my old gf2, but since I got a gf4 it doesn't)

I've since switched to Doom Builder though, and I find it to be much nicer ;)

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