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well things have changed alot. infact i dont even remeber how i use to do it back in 1997-98.

however i am running a web site now. i got the space and domain name stuff taken care of. i also have my HTML documents made, HTML is not my problem i can do that, but useing this stuff is. like i said ti has been a long time and i dont remeber any of this stuff.

basicly it comes down to how do i "post" this stuff. meaning when you type in the web address you get the home page. so when i type in mvras.org i should see the home page i made. i am sure there is a file i have to configure. if so how, and what do i need to put into it. i have uploaded the home page and such

here is the dir structure
www/ (with shortcut arrow deal, i think this is a short cut to the pub_html)

anyway i uploaded the HTML files to pub_html/
there is an index.shtml in there. i am thinking this is the file i need to edit.

any help, like i said i got the pages done i just need it to work. so when you type in mvras.org you get the home page. even typeing in http://www.mvras.org/MVRAS.html doesnt work.

also i have forums set up on this site. you can get to them but useing them is another story. you can register, i guess, but it dont seem to work right. mvras.org/forum is the link. i need tips on this. such as avatars, registartion (i dont want unregistered posts) and that stuff.

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upload your web pages to www/ not pub_html/

well it works for me anyhow :)

and your main page file should be named index.html (or shtml or htm or whatever).

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thanks, works now. cool. thought the index.shtml was kinda like a autoexec.bat last time i did this sort of thing thats what i had to do

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