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jDoom Trailer

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I have created a 5:10 long Doomsday 400x300 trailer using Fraps and VirtualDub. The file is now 45Mb, and uses the DiVX codec. If anyone wants to see it, contact me on one of the IM services.

edit: used audio compression which halved file size.

The background music is Machines of Hate by Fear Factory. (Thank you custom DEDs!)

To those interested, I used my custom sounds and DED files, as well as the WAD that adds all Doom1 textures into Doom2. I also used a Slige map since it's maps usually have more action than the default doom IWADs.

Edit: Oh lookie, it's my 666th post too!

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you want us to watch a 5 min long movie that takes up 100+ megs of you playing SLIEGE with an mp3 in the background most probably don't want to hear


I salute you, Mr Chris

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As this site's administrator, I believe I should inform you of a few things.
1. It is against doomworld policy to encourage use of SLIGE in any mainstream fashion. SLIGE promotes playing maps that you didn't yourself make and, ultimately to piracy.
2. It's a doomworld faux pas to say you've made a trailer without making a link.

Please fix these immediately.

Thank you from Doomworld.

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What did you do to manage to get a 5:10 (that's 5 minutes, right?) at 400x300 into a 150mb DivX???

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