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Hacked Patch + Wad

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Intermediate wad designer here with no knowledge of scripting or programming or whatever whatsoever. I'm just wondering, how would you go about making an executable that would automatically run a megawad with a hacked patch created with dehacked?


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A simple batch file would do the trick.

In case you don't know what a batch file is, you can make one by putting a series of commands in a text-file, and save it with a .bat extension.

For instance, a batch file to run Hacx in Eternity could contain this line:

eternity.exe -file hacx.wad -deh hacx.deh
If you're looking for a way to do so with doom2.exe, then it is more complicated, since your batch file would need to create a new executable using dehacked. If this is the case, ask again, and someone will explain the details. You need to be pretty careful with this stuff: it would be really bad to release a batch file that corrupted people's doom2.exe file.

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Just put the patch in the WAD as a lump named 'DEHACKED'. Should work with most if not all ports that support Dehacked.

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Grazza said:
someone will explain the details.

dehacked -load whatever.deh

Before that you'll have to set up dehacked.ini by setting the locations of your DOOM files and the editable EXE (renamed copy of the original.)

The user's file can be corrupted if you give the original and editable EXE files the name of the original file, such as:

editname = d:\doom\doom.exe
normalname = d:\doom\doom.exe

As opposed to:

editname = d:\doom\hack.exe
normalname = d:\doom\doom.exe

Altering the EXE with DeHackEd works only with Doom and Doom2; not with Doom95 or a user-made source mod (though some of these can load them from the command line as Grazza explained, or from a wad as Fredrik said.)

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