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Different approach to HUD

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First off, I actually think I understand EDF v1.1 now... whenever I get some time I'll try to code a few new monsters. Confidence is high :) I'm also very happy to see some other changes (codepointer stuff). Way to go, James!

But, I still have a small gripe with the Boom-style HUD. Like, I absolutely hate it. Any chance we can go with a ZDoom-style hud, which looks far more natural, informative, less cluttered and pleasing to the eye?

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Yeah, I prefer the doom.exe hud to the Boom one.. it's just so unreadable. I asked Quas about this earlier and I think he said this was something he'd get around to doing later, since he was going to have to add a HUD with transparency for Heretic anyway.

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Yup. There's a place for a fullscreen graphical HUD hook function to get called in ST_Drawer. Once I add the fullscreen Heretic HUD, which will be pretty soon, I'll also add one for DOOM -- togglable, of course.

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