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Compiling Heretic Source Code

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I installed the Watcom compiler and put the heretic source code in the bin to try and compile. I'm getting errors saying it can't open dos.h and can't open stdlib.h

both dos.h and stdlib.h are in the bin folder though

Please Help

Thank You

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I don't know for sure how the Watcom compiler works, but maybe you need to setup some paths somewhere to the compiler's include directory (don't just copy files over!). There must be a document describing how to do that inside the compiler package.

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Most people in the DOOM community use free-software compilers such as gcc. I compile Eternity on MinGW and DJGPP, which are gcc variants for Microsoft OSes, and on Visual C++, which is MS's proprietary Win32 compiler (Visual C++ is extremely expensive, so good luck getting ahold of it...).

Your problems with Watcom might be either due to a version difference between the compiler that id/Raven used and what you have, or due to a platform issue (DOOM was cross-compiled for DOS on NeXTStep machines IIRC).

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