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Good detail on a roof

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I was just wondering what would be some recommendable detail to put on a giant roof of a building so that even if it is mostly flat it still looks good? Any suggestions?

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ops... didn't know that... *hehe* oh well that means there's more quality Boris Zdoom maps to look at. (I especially liked his Map07 replacement on speedmapping. Now that's what I call hilarious)

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*jaw drops* that is like totally awsome!!! Geez... boris knows his stuff! I don't think I could've come up with that in like 5 or 6 YEARS! I think my plans just hit a major rebuild... so good... anyone ever play these maps online? Even if they are Zdoom and we know how Zdoom server's go... still, it would be great to play something besides Dwango and Brit11 24/7 on DC. Thanks for the reference. I can't put too many bumps and high places though, some big enemies have to fir on this roof.

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