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ZDoom v2.0

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Where do I find this at? I have seen things like jar files, but I have no idea on how to convert these to exes. I would like an EXE available to me right now... I am the lazy type.
I also want to know how people actually make the levels for ZDoom. the scripting and all that. What editor did they use?


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Grab 57.cab. You can open it in almost any program that can open .zip files, e.g. WinZip

As for editors that support ZDoom, there are several. Doom Builder and DeePSea are probably the most popular, but there's also things like ZETH too.

If you have any other ZDoom-related questions, it's probably to have a look around the ZDoom forums

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Okay, thank you, everyone. I was expecting a response within about a day, but since I'm getting responses within 15 minutes, I know there are people listening already. Thank God for DoomWorld!!

ShadowFox:WF! (With Frosted!, some strange clan)

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It's up to you. If you get the latest version you'll have the benefit of certain bug fixes and a few extra features (e.g. more Strife compatability), but there's also a chance that that they are bugs in it that weren't in the old version.

Personally I say get the newest versions ASAP :)

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