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I need testers for my new teamplay map

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Download v.0.1

Okay, here's my teamplay map finally ready for testing. It's pretty simple but I've included a manual with it. It's way simpler than DeathTag and games should go much faster. Here's a couple pics:



I'd appreciate some feedback. It's basically like CTF but without the flags and only half as much running around. :p Works with any BOOM capable port.

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Oops I forgot to mention you HAVE to play with monsters. They aren't in the arena but they are used to work the scoring mechanism. I forgot to put that in the docs too. Ah well.

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Tried it on ym own, looks pretty cool, id like to try it with some good team DM. But you hardly find a good team DM around here :\

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it won't work with zdaemon because it needs a monster to run the scoring system. I'll work on a fix for that when I get some time though.

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