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v0.95h Almost Done!

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<takes a deep breath>


*+ - Added the in-game server browser.
*+ - Greatly revamped the DUEL gameplay mode! Now, players can wait in line and join once the current duel ends. Also, instead of the level changing when a duel ends, the loser is kicked into the spectators, and the next person in line joins him!
*+ - Dramatically improved the player prediction. Movement is now much less jerky, especially on high ping servers!
+ - Added sv_duelcountdowntime, which controls how long a duel counts down in seconds.
+ - Upgraded Skulltag to ZDoom version 2.0.57.
+ - Skulltag can now go between client mode and single player mode without having to restart.
+ - Now, if users launch a server with "-host #", "#" will become the maximum number of clients.
+ - Made a slight tweak so that plasma bumping on MAP01 behaves exactly like doom2.exe when the plasma bump compat flag is set.
- - Fixed problem where BFG9000 sprays were being done on the client end if you had connection type at 56k or DSL.
- - Fixed all reported crashes.
- - In co-op, game boes back to the initial episode map after getting to a finale of some sort.
- - Fixed problem where scaled skins didn't appear to be scaled in multiplayer.
- - Fixed overlapping text problem that occured when some messages were displayed in video modes where the width isn't a multiple of 320.
- - Fixed problem where rejoining a teamplay DM server resulting in your saved number of frags being readded to the frag total.
! - Icons now inhereit the render properties of their tracers. (ex. If you have an invisibility sphere, your icon will appear invisibile too).
! - The quit and exit console commands can no longer be called with the ConsoleCommand ACS function.
! - You frag total is no longer subtracted from the team frag total when you go into spectator mode.
! - Summon cheats now work in multiplayer if sv_cheats is enabled.
! - Sound is now played even when the window is not in focus.

Should be out on or before the 10th! :)

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