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Half-Life 2 breaks new ground

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Is this a joke news thing? I'm not big on physics, so I don't know exactly how ridiculous it is supposed to be that "OMG A GAMING COMPANY SOLVED TEH PUZZAL." Is that what this is, or is it for real?

EDIT: Oops. "Overclocker creates rift..."

I guess I didn't catch that it was joke-news because I didn't see where that bomber found on the moon was mentioned. Heh.

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I dont know if its a joke or not, it does sound plausible when you read the story though XD. The "World war 2 bomber found on moon" thing is just a standard joke tabloid headline XD (alongside "Elvis is alive!" and "Ulcer cure found!", except what people that started that one didnt realise was that an ulcer cure really HAD been found XD). It would be kinda funny that a videogames company had solved the greatest mystery known to physics and then copyrighted it XD.

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the_Danarchist said:

If you run it on a computer with a quantum processor, you can fold space.

What's a Pentium get you?
-Funk Factor-

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BBspot is a satire news site.

That article is pretty funny too :)

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*Re-reads it for the third time*

Oh yeah, so it is XD, its funny, i thought it was a joke the first time (the site having a "the sun" quality about it had something to do with it), THEN thought it was serious, THEN checked again and saw the joke headlines about overclocking messing up space/time and realised it really was a joke XD

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