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External bot program to use with Skulltag

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Shockwav3 said:

why are you ppl so hot about those bots anyways?

Sorry to revive an old topic, but this question should be answered out in the open, or at least I think.

Bots, most of the time aren't as smart as humans... but for many of us (myself included, at least when I'm not at my University), internet connections are less than reliable.

Sometimes playing bots is the only option for playing a deathmatch game in Doom for that reason, or perhaps there are just like, two people on Doom Connector or whatever.

Plus, bots give you the opportunity to practice whenever and wherever you want.

Nothing wrong with bots. I think they're fun to play against sometimes.

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Since MANY people can't answer the question correctly, looks like I have to step in.

To get to the point.

Bots are played for simulation(this word means a copy of the same thing but a fake, for the ignorant who don't know what the word means) and playing against people are the real thing, and the best thing about it, is that both can be combined.

That's like asking why people play Flight/Space Simulators, yet people seem to have extreme amounts of fun playing the simulators.

Now picture the same for bots and humans.

2 sides of the same coin. How fun they are depends on how and what they are and what your taste for them are.

Simple as that.....damn.

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