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server help

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well i am geting it set up, but it seems the hard drive is a SCSI and i have no experence with SCSI. I also want to put a JAZ drive on the SCSI adapter too. well seeing that i am not that great with SCSI. i would like help, or a link, to a site that deal with SCSI and installing other drives and operating systems on a SCSI based hard drive. This would be great help to me. i have begun to back up some doom stuff for when it is ready, i have a shit load of older yet fun deathmatch maps

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SCSI is just a different type of drive, all the stuff on it functions the same. Except for the actual hardware, it's no different from an IDE drive. Just install Win2K or whatever and put all the stuff on it like you normally would.

But as for adding other drives, changing settings, etc. try this page.

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