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editing (slopes) question

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Iwas wondering if there is a way to change the hiegth of a sloped surface? For example i Have sector A at 128 high and it slopes to sector B which is 256 high. I now want to raise B to 384 and have sector A raise along with it so it is sloped from 128 to 384. I've tried different things but can not get it to work.
Second question. Is there a limit to the number of tags a level can have? I use wadauthor and there seems to be a limit of 255. I know when doing degrees it's not true degrees (64 instead of 90 ect ect).
Thanks Chris Couleur chrisc2@sbcglobal.net

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You can raise or lower a sloped sector, but you cannot change the angle of the slope during gameplay. So you cannot make a sector that slopes from 128 to 256 change to 128 to 384, but you could raise the entire sector and have it slope from 256 to 384.

Lines cannot hold arguments higher than 255. You can give sectors tags higher than 255, but these need to be referenced via a script rather than a line.

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