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WAV editing software?

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I didn't really know if this should go into Questions or here, but here it goes. Does anyone know where I can get a decent WAV editing software? A program that can save 8-bit, mono, and 6896hz WAV files would be nice. I found Wavelab, but it's just a demo and it's 21MBs. I'm not gonna wait 6 hours for a demo to download. Thanks in advance.

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Goldwave will let me save Mono 8-bit sounds, but it wont save 6896hz WAVs... :( The lowest it goes to is 8000hz. Is there any other software that can save 6896hz WAVs? Thanks for the link though.

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In GoldWave, open up (or create) the file you want to save in that funky sampling rate. Effects menu -> Resample. Enter 6896. Then save as an 8-bit mono file.

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