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Dreaded 'help me find this wad' thread.

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All right, years back when there was still an /oldstuff a map got reviewed that absolutly kicked ass. I can't remember much of it but I just know I need to find and play through it a few more times. The map started in a room with green marble textures and was decorated with torches. There was a door on one side of the room and on the other there were two curved/spiral staircases going to two more doors (the room was symmetrical I believe). It was for doom1 and I think I remembered seeing the e1 sky in it although I'm not positive. The over all theme seemed sort of castle like, but my memory is too foggy to say this for sure.

I don't know if I'm recalling this correctly either but I remember a lot of people had a problem finding one of the keys, probably the yellow one. Quite possibly the authors name was unknown. Also for the year it was made the detail level was really high. That's all I can muster up, keep in mind that some of what I said can be wrong because of my shitty memory. I already tried going through the archives and downloading files which I thought might be it but no luck so I'm asking here. So yeah, I'd appreciate some help finding it, thanks.

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Yep found it, it was Castle of Blood, sorry about not noticing that thread in the forum index, was just too exhausted looking through the archives to bother looking at the forums. Thanks though.

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Oh man, that map was superb. That's probably the first map I've seen from '95 that I thought was really good. /me adds that to his list of wads to upload on December 10th :P

Speaking of which Grazza, make sure to review everything that comes out before December 10th promptly, because you're going to get overwhelmed otherwise :D

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