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is there a port for ROTT

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Yes it does. As for ports, ever since the source code was released a few months ago, they've been working on some source ports. I haven't heard anything yet, though. Of course, I haven't been paying much attention either.

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I haven't had much luck with that link. There was someone on the 3drealms forums, Lon Matero, who made compiled binaries from the code for win32, but the code was updated since then and he hadn't been able to get the new stuff to compile. Presently his win32 port is rather buggy, so it's a shame the only *other* port out there is only in code form. It's weird that nothing has changed considering how long ago that was.

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Yes there is one ok port for ROTT, although it's mainly for Linux a windows version of it does exist, I found it somewhere, althought not on the original site. It took a good few attempts to get it run right, and even then there were issues with sound and the new resolutions.

I don't remember the links so I can't help you but you should go to the 3d realms site, check out the rott forum, there are links there.

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