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Survey of the Wrecked Base.....

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This is not real, you tell yourself. I've seen several battles against the damned demons, but they've never struck this hard.
Looking about, you see several mutilated corpses slammed down into razor-sharp poles. Their bodies have stopped quivering. One Marine has had his head ripped clean off. Several Marines have been hung upside-down from the ceiling, and have been ripped in half, violently. Their blood still drips slowly from the ceiling. You see several Shotguns lying on the ground, smashed beyond repair. That's not all. Heading into the Computer Complex, just past the Entryway where you've just stepped in, you see that the wall-mounted computers have been completely ripped off the walls. Sparks fly from the ground-wall. Looking closer, you see a scientist who was electrocuted to death by the live wires that fed the computers. He's had his arms torn clean off his body. Poor sap. The horrors mount. Deeper inside the complex, you see several grotesque sights that will never leave your memory-You see a Marine who's had the plexi-glass in his helmet smashed, and has had his face ripped off. You see a guy who's missing a couple of eyes. You see another guy who's been turned a ritualistic sacrifice. He's had the skin pulled off his body, and tossed aside. The profuse bleeding that followed was used to write strange rune-like drawings on the wall. One of them is a pentagram. Candles are arranged in a circle around the dead Marine. His Pistol apparently couldn't hold off the demons for long.
But you're only a surveyor, and you've got a report to make. Writing down page after page of notes about this place, you wish you were a Marine. You'd kick all the demons' asses. Then again, after having a good and terrifying look around, you might just not......

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