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Kristian Ronge

Happy birthday!

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Here are two presents from me to celebrate Doom's 10th birthday. I know I'm a bit early, but I figured it would be nice to "save the best for last" (Daedalus and whatnot). So, enjoy these demos. It's my humble way of saying "Happy birthday!".

This first zip contains a really wacky demo - Doom2 map 7 UV, SSG only + reality! It also contains a "regular" UV reality demo of map 7, 30 seconds quicker than the one I recorded earlier.


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This one is also a reality demo.. Yay, I see a sign of recognition in your eyes! :-)

From the title you should know that it's a pure nostalgia trip! Perhaps more fitting than the previous zip. Anywhoo, this is my small contribution to the anniversary...

All demos were recorded in ZDooM 1.22. I hope you enjoy them! :-)


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