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twisted dream 1

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well this is my first time doing this so tell me what u guys think.

You suddenly awake like you have for the past 2 weeks. always the same, drenched in a cold sweat and the numb feeling in your back and legs. "Damn! life here is sure hard. I have only been on this damn base 3 weeks and i have not had god damn nights sleep! Space sure is twisted" you then fall back asleep into the same dream but somewhere totaly new. "A cave? Wait... no it is a house! What is this home?!" You look around to see a wreck and then a limp body half shredded with the arms holding something. "Its a shotgun!" you pick it up and wipe the blood and pull the finger off the trigger. "Damn what is going on?!" You pick up the beat and bloody head to see who it is and to your horror it is your wife kate. "What the hell is going on! who ever did this is going to fuck'n pay!!" you then look around the frayed mess that was once your home and turn suddenly to hear a growling in the dark hall behind you. Turning around you see the ugly visage of the most horrible thing you have ever seen. it looked like a animal but stud upright like a human. The eyes where a hellish blood red and its face was covered with blood and chunks of flesh. The hands were sharp and also blood stained with spikes on the shoulders. The creature then lunges forward to attack but you fire a shot into its ugly face. It lets out a hellish scream as its head rips into several pices. "What the fuck was that thing!?" ou then run outside to see a even more horrid sight. "NO! The city... Destroyed?" suddenly you hide behind the debris in the street when you see five more of those brown bastards along with something new. This new creature was hunched over but still on 2 legs. It had a pink colored skin and blood stains all over. The teeth looked painfuly sharp and huge. with out any thought you jump out and fire 3 more shots at the small group. A loud hissing soon fallows along with other distant grunts and screams. "Shit! I only hit the 2." rolling behind a wrecked car you reload. Getting up you are hit with a hot ball of fire in your shoulder and knocked 6 feet back. "damn it! these things have weapons!" still on your back you fire at the beast and hear it scream as it dies. you turn around and are met with the large pink crerature. without hesitation you stick the shot gun in its mouth and fire watching as its brain, teeth and skull parts fly out the back. suddenly your shoulder is grabbed and the other two begin beating and scratching at you. they take chunks of skin and you fall back. Suddenly you awake in a cold sweat and to the beeping of the phone by your bed. "hello? "
"This is command. you have an assingment. all marines are to report to phobos. we have lost contact with these there and we believe it may be the work of a spy."
"very well sir, our ship was headed there anyway."
I hope i get better sleep there than here. what a sick dream. I have never seen those creatures in my other nightmares.

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