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im dying slowly...

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my computer has been reaaaallllyyyy fucked up for the last couple months. it all started with trying to start just installed max payne 2. it resulted in error with directx and in the end, i realized my ati radeon 9700 pro is fucked up. i thought it was the drivers, but no. ive tried every catalyst driver and no work.

my computer goes like in a stand by mode, i restart in normal mode, the screen goes stand by again before it loads up windows. i start up in safe mode and remove the driver adapters and now i can start up windows normally. it installs the drivers automatically. and now it seems that everything is fine. no games wont work (except neverwinter nights i played for a bit but with alot of crashing), and if i let my computer be alone, the screen goes blue with error yabbering and such. and again, i restart in normal mode, which doesnt work (sometimes, very rarely) and i have to remove the driver adapters from safe mode to boot up in normal mode :(

ive tried driver cleaner, done what it tells me to do in readme and install new drivers, but i will get disappointed.

today i got hordes of the underdark from my mate from school, and i hoped it would work cos neverwinter ran decent despite the serious war of errors on my machine. but what-the-fuck, the screen goes blurry snow rain :'(

somebody help my computer!

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Manga Girl Marchelle said:

ONE! Fix the comp

New most obvious statement of the century.

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Manga Girl Marchelle said:

ONE! Fix the comp or TWO Reformat and never install max payne till you get a new computer

You are both unoriginal and dumb.

Niguel: Try the out-of-the-box drivers your card comes with. I had a similar problem with my 9600 pro and Halo. None of the Catalyst drivers worked, and I had to eventually reformat because my computer was crashing so much. The original drivers have worked fine for me so far even with dx9, but alas, this is only a short-term solution due to the fact that drivers do get old and need to be updated.

Try ]rage3d for some in-depth answers.

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