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I can't figure out how to run a map with Zdoom. Map <name> doesn't work. And ZDlauncher doesn't help either. So how do i run a map? :/

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Are you loading up the wad at the same time as you start the program? e.g. from the command line (works for all exes) or drag-and-drop (works AFAIK for all ports based on one of the later versions of Boom)?

Typical command line (to load hr.wad):

zdoom -file hr.wad
Then start a game.

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I just tried your method Julian, and then Zdoom crashed.

And Grazza: My zdoom.exe only has "General" and "Version" tabs in the properties.

Unless it requires v1.23, if so, could you send me a link because i can't find it anywhere.

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Create a shortcut to your ZDoom program, right click, click on Properties, then click on Shortcut, at the end of the line where it shows what directory ZDoom is in, type -file whatever.wad (note that you don't have to add the .wad as ZDoom will automatically do it).

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Mivalekan said:

My zdoom.exe only has "General" and "Version" tabs in the properties.

That doesn't matter. Basically what you're doing is just using an old-fashioned DOS command, like it was when Doom first appeared. In Win95/98/2000/XP/whatever, you click on the Start button, and then on Run... Just type your command into the box. You will need to give a path for the folder where you have Zdoom. Assuming it is in c:\doom2, and the wad you want to play is in the same place (and let's assume this time it's called equinox.wad :) ), then you would type in:

c:\doom2\zdoom.exe -file equinox.wad
That should work OK.

Someone is bound to comment that the "-file" is unnecessary with Zdoom, and that the ".wad" extension is also unnecessary. That is true, but some ports require them, so I have given the more general version, on the assumption that you might want to use other ports too (in which case replace "zdoom" with "eternity", "prboom", etc.).

Drag-and-drop should work no problem though (as long as the wad isn't specifically for some other port, I suppose). Have you extracted all the files from the zdoom cab (zdoom.exe, zdoom.wad and fmod.dll) into the same folder as your doom2.wad?

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I'm lazy, I have .wad files set to open with zdoom. :)
I try to avoid using .deh files, I hate having to take a couple seconds extra to play doom.
I kid about the deh.

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