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Dark Prophet

Is there a way to upload your own skins and use them in skulltag?

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If you're talking about the Chexman skin, it's under the "hidden" list with ultimus and meepy. You have to go under SKNINFO (skininfo) and change HIDDEN=TRUE to HIDDEN=FALSE, or you can delete the whole hidden line. I recommend using XWE to edit this, you can get it here at doomworld under utils.

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I decided to go with the more clever and smart-computer-editing-person way than just take the easy route. But hey, that works too.

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Skunkboy Kyle said:

Well, I ask the same thing, only I want to use a Gestapo guard.

1). Make a wad that has the Gestapo guard skin.
2). Distribute it.
3). Enjoy.

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