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blastem2.wad, or ABOUT BLOODY TIME

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UV Max, 95% kills, 100% items/secrets, 9:18
UV Speed, 23% kills/items, 100% secrets, 2:38

Recorded using Linux PRBoom 2.2.4, with some unusual options (e.g. no weapon bobbing)
Only 95% kills are possible because of a nonfunctioning monster teleporter.

There is a text file included; it's way too long and full of self-indulgent nonsense which I nevertheless felt compelled to include. In summary it says "I love this map and have for years been playing it frequently; thinking it needed some decent demos got me into making my own recordings; so here we are, eight months later, I have some stuff which I feel is releasable"

http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=10908 in case you don't already have the map


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Very nice demo!

That investment in time paid you a large divident.

I will add, I've never seen a demo where the player runs in such straight lines. Quite interesting to watch.

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yeah, nice to see a good demo on this map. the map is somewhat uniquely realized too. good job.

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