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Work on 0.75 continues.

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yup. updating to 2.0.58 was the big one, since the changes from 58 to 59 and then to 60 were pretty small.

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Doh, well, I was hoping to have 0.75 out before I had to leave for Christmas (going to visit family for a few days), but it looks like it's not going to happen. So, with any luck, I'll have it out shortly after I get back from holidays.

If you're wondering what I'm doing with it, here's a small list of recent things I've been working on:

- non-bsp map traversal (this fixes maps where geometry wasn't getting drawn at all from certain angles). "gl_nobsp 0" to use the bsp path
- increasing the speed of the subsector drawing (working on speeding up bottlenecks in the engine, especially since the non-bsp renderer kinda shows those weaknesses a bit more)
- fixing up alignment on slopes

For those interested, the non-bsp renderer isn't as fast as the normal renderer, but it seems much more robust and is completely seperate from the bsp. Basically, it has a secondary copy of the subsector array and that gets sorted each frame based on distance from the camera. Then all I have to do is render each subsector from the start of the array to the end, or until I fill up the clipper. Sorting takes some time, though, which is why it's not as fast as the bsp path. Well, the lows are about the same, but, in maps with lots of subsectors, it's less likely to hit the high framerates.

For instance, using eaeuro03 as an example, the lows are about the same (~8fps), but the highs are much different (~90fps vs ~300fps). The problem is the constant of the subsector sorting, which has to deal with about 26000 subsectors each frame (in that particular map).

But at least now if you have a map that has large parts not drawing (ultramarine.wad does that to me in some parts), you can switch to the non-bsp path in game and it should draw fine.

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I was thinking ZDoomGL .75 would be a great Christmas present. Oh well. I'm sure when you do release it it'll be all that we've been waiting for and maybe more. ;)

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