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Free Willy didn't make it...

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I remember watching a documentary about Keiko being released back into the sea. He was clearly unable to adapt to his surroundings. They spent millions to make Keiko live a life in the sea to find out he had become as loyal as a pet dog.

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Scabbed Angel said:

Now we'll have all the soap and lampoil we ever could have dreamed of!

Sick optimism shaved the whale.

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Mmmm. . . .Keito. Great on sandwiches and in stew! Yahr!

EDIT: Keiko, I mean. I must have been thinking of another of the million animals that die everyday that get no recognition or sorrows. Fuck Keiko. That's my motto. Or eat him. For those offended by this I offer up this link to make you feel a little better : ) http://maddox.xmission.com/whales_suck.html

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