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Loading WADS into JDoom (yes, I'm a newbie)

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I have been using JDoom for a while now and have recently wanted to play the Doom II master levels using it. I put the WAD files in the correct directory:


When I want to run, say the Mephisto map, I load Kickstart.exe, selct Doom II, go to "other options" and in the "Add to the command line" box, I type:

" -file mephisto.wad"

I click "play", but the game just loads normally, without the map. I have tried adding a command line to the root JDoom executable and well as doing it from the console, but nothing works.

It looks like the WAD can be detected, but for some reason, doesn't seem to load.

If you can help, thanks a bunch.
Jonathan Storey

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You need to warp to map07 (the wad's text-file states that the pwad replaces only map07). You can do this from the launcher (put -skill 4 -warp 07 in "other options" to play it on UV) or using idclev07 in-game.

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