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Five Doom 2 levels if you're interested

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I can't believe people are still playing the original Doom!

Anyway, recently came across Bluesnews announcement of the 10th anniversary of Doom, which lead me here, and even got me playing again :). I thought I'd point anyone who's interested to my old Doom 2 levels. You can find screenshots here:


D/l all levels from here:

http://www.users.on.net/walkert/shawns3d/shawnsd2levels.zip (684kb)

The Mining Complex (1shawndm.wad)
Single player and co-op. Fight your way out of a large mining complex. 20-30min epic. Lots of secrets. Got good reviews when it was released.

The Power Plant (2shawn.wad)
A power plant has been over run and you've got to clean it up and get out. You've been parachuted in with just a pistol. 10 min level.

The Training Base (3shawn.wad)
Deathmatch level I did for a tournament.

The Military testing Facility (4shawn.wad)
Some experiments have gone wrong and you must go in and sought the situation out. 5min if you're good - actually more like 30 seconds if you know what you're doing :). This one is good for 4 player deathmatch but is set up for single player also.

The Waste facility (5shawn.wad)
An infested sewage plant. Clean it up and get out. You know the drill.

They're all fairly difficult even for experts on Ultra-Violent, so be careful. Lower the difficulty if you're having problems.

I never played these with the new mods that allow you to look up and down. I'd love to see some screenshots of 2shawn.wad and 4shawn.wad as they have some deep pits I never could see the bottom of, or the ceilings. In fact some of the ceilings have never been seen.

Hope someone can still enjoy them, 'cause I know me and my friends had a lot of fun playing them back in the 90's.


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Hey, these don't look half bad... I might even consider playing them. Phew... I thought they might end up being some god awful newb maps. I like'em

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