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Pistol Marine Updated

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I don't know if any of you have ever seen this, but there's a skin pack floating around on the Epidermis Emporium with a few sprite sets of the Doom Marine holding different weapons. A problem with it was the pistol marine still has his left arm up like he's holding a rifle still. That looks bad. Over the past week I've been working said sprite, and by adding the Bazooka Marine's left arm (from Obituary TC), now the marine has a resting left arm. Just as I was about to upload the new veriosn to the archives, I saw a link in the text file. I decided to check it out. To my dismay, the guy who made the original is still around, and updated that skin pack to add full rotation. So basically, now I have to get a hold the orginial dude and work with the new sprites for full rotation. (Which I was gonna add anyway. ;) And I worked my ass off on this instead of a project for school to get it in for the next /newstuff. Son of a bitch.

Anyway, if anyone wants to check it out, I'll e-mail it to ya.

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Send it to the guy that did that skin pack so it can be an "official" upload and you won't have to worry about crediting anybody.

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The maker (boingo) used to hang around on the doom legacy forum..in 2001 I AM A MORON I AM A MORON , or he was the head of team diem..which might help you track 'im down

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