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looking for 1on1 map testers

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Hellbent and I are making a DM megawad and are looking for some feedback on the first ten Tourney ( 1 on 1 ) maps that are mostly finished up. You can grab them here.

The maps use the Freedoom texture set so while you can play them fine in DOOM2 using just the fdmtex.wad I recommend either grabbing the Freedoom IWAD from their site http://freedoom.sourceforge.net or grabbing the Freedoom texture pack from the same directory that you'll find the wad pack in.

Skill settings are important:

On skill 1/2 players get all the weapons, ammo and armor before they enter the arena. There are no items in the arena at all, all you have is what you came in with. Then it all comes down to skill moving and shooting so I decided to call it "PureSkill". I suggest making items respawn every second to make sure that a respawning player gets everything they need.

On skill 3 it's pretty much regular DM but players get a SSG or chaingun right off the start.

On skill 4/5 it's regular DM but there is only one of each kind of weapon available in the map.

I've only tested the maps in DM3 as that's all I ever play. If there are issues with playing it a different way let me know. Thanks.

Any help is greatly appreciated whether it's from online play or playing against bots. When using ACbots map06 seemed to be extremely choppy but all other maps played fine. Hopefully I'll figure out what's causing that.

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