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Making A New Weapon?

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I have made an Autorifle model for DoomsDay (Jdoom) I wan't to use,But i'm curious of how excactly i'd go about importing and setting up the animations etc since I have never done any DooM editing before.

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Are you talking specifically about the sprites and stuff, or something only JDoom can do? You can add sprites to a wad with something like Wintex or XWE. If you have EXTRA frames, that requires some DeHackEd use. Someone else will probably tell you that, but I've never done it. You'll also need DeHackEd to change the frame durations.

That's the short version of it. *shrug*

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All I really need to do is replace the 3d models with my Autorifle model,I replaced the one model that shows it on the ground but the texture didnt load even though it's assigned,I also need to replace the model in the HUD.

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