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Empyre.wad NM

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OK, so I played Empyre.wad lately and recorded a NM movie of the six maps. I guess I'll just paste the textfile:

MAP01 42-30-0 1:35
MAP02 54-10-0 1:55
MAP03 98-9-100 2:21
MAP04 100-100-100 0:45
MAP05 19-7-20 2:22
MAP06 74-3-50 5:14

Total time 14:12 (thanks PrBoom)

Heh, that's my first NM movie so far. As cool as it may sound, it's
nothing special actually since the first five maps are terribly easy
in NM (well MAP02 is easy but not terribly :), the only challenge comes
in the last map and I died and died and died here. The biggest problem
was the room with the blue sphere (which you can't take unless you have
the blue key) and the berserk. I just couldn't handle it well and either
died there or exited with too low health to survive until the blue sphere.
But this time I was lucky enough, and once you get the sphere (there are
two of them packed in one actually), it's nearly impossible to die later
cause soon you'll get the invulnerability and by the time it expires you
are just ten feet away from the exit. I didn't play very well at the very
end - I just forgot how that part of the map looked like.

And excuse my terrible aiming in MAP02 :)


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