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NWT issues

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I tried to replace a 128x128 texture with a 192x128 texture, using NWT. It would always cut off everything of the new texture beyond 128 pixels, though. (Despite me, typing in the new width in NWT) Can't I replace textures with larger ones?

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Concerning another issue: One time, I wanted to replace one of those "deceased obstacles", but all I got was an invisible sprite, with some pixel mess showing up for a split second when looking at it from a certain point of view. So, is there any particular "secret" behind sprite substitution?

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I take it you're still using NWT? It comes with a very good manual, so consult this first. Important tips:

When inserting a new graphic (say, your sprite width=32 height=64) leave plenty of cyan empty space on the right and bottom side. So, insert your sprite into a bigger empty picture (eg. 48-80), align it to the top/left side and THEN insert this new graphic into your WAD with NWT using the proper sprite-only dimensions (in this case, 32-64). I found out long ago that NWT needs this little bit of extra space for sprite graphics in order to prevent it from 'warping' the picture.

Second, always make sure you're using the correct palette to make your new graphic. Best way to make sure is to extract an original palette and load it up in your graphics editor. Most will adept to the imported texture.

Hope this helps!

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