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FreeDOOM Deathmatch release

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Here's the first ten tourney (1 on 1) maps ready for release. They're pretty much 100% complete but just in case there's problems I'll call it a beta release. :p

Grab the files here:


fdmtex.zip: the modified and new textures I'm using. It doesn't effect the IWAD's ability to run 3rd party maps.

fdmtrn02.zip: the maps, release 2.

freedoom_tex.zip: in case someone doesn't have the IWAD and just wants to grab the texture pack I've zipped up the textures and flats.

I also put the readme and the maps.txt file in there if you just want to read some more info about the release.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated whether it's playing against humans or bots. I'll post some screenies later. I'd really like some feedback from MAP01 fans as to how they like my version of MAP01. It's NOT based off the original at all but I'm wondering if I even came close to the same kind of feeling. Meh, in any case it's a fun map to play. :-)

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Very nice!

The levels dont seem to have any Player 1 starts, it would be nice to be able to browse around without explicitly putting the game into deathmatch mode.

MAP05/MAP06 crash prboom and zdoom.

I can add some of the extra textures into the standard freedoom texture set if you want.

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Hmm, I look into the crashy factor. I just gotta download the latest ZDoom and PRBoom. I can throw some Player 1 starts back in there as well. I'm too used to Legacy that will start a single player game on a DM start if there is no Player1. As for the textures we'd better wait for a bit. It's still pretty early on so things might change.

I don't know if you want to use them in FreeDoom but I've begun makeing 256 wide versions of some of the existing textures so that they tile a little more cleanly. For instance the green brick texture use in Pains Foundation doesn't tile very well so sooner or later I'll look into sprucing it up a little.

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