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Enter my Doom art contest and win a custom doomguy mugshot sculpt. The winner will choose what facial expression he/she would like me to do for them. you can only have the doomguy from the original game done. and only the head, in a mugshot fashion. choose a bit of battle damage or just bloodshot eyes with a bit of blood it's all up to you/the winner.

here are the contest rules

-you can't submit something I've already seen on the net, and I've seen alot.

-I reserve the right to host your images on my future site, and or planetdoom's

-it has to look like it's from the doom universe.

-less then one entree and I cancel the constest

I will ship to anywhere in the world.
this constest will last under two mounths I will give a deadline later tonight. any questions?

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I'm willing to enter. I just need to find the time to draw something.

Don't end the contest just yet!

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It doesn't have to be a drawing it could be a sculpt, painting..anything. it has to look like it's from a doom game. can't be something original or from aleins for that matter.

contest ends shortly after January.

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just a freindly reminder the contest is coming to a close as it ends at the end of this mouth. so get your entree's in soon:)

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The contest is now over and Tyhoon from the planetdoom forum is the winner. you can cheak out my art contest thread in the 'thoughts and idea's' section, my name is Dream stalker on that board.

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