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First Spawn REDUX

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About a year ago, or something, I created my very first map with DoomCAD entitled 'First Spawn.' Of course, being a first map it sucked, and of course Hyena was honest when he reviewed it.

I made the map with no real prior knowledge to map making, not to mention the fact I was unable to figure out how to preview textures until long after the map was made, leading to an excessive use of the STARTAN3 texture.

The gameplay balance was horrible, with no skill settings implimented. I designed it mainly for UV. The new graphics were stupid and pointless, and the secret tribute to Ichor's kick ass signature would normally go unnoticed and, even if it was noticed, wouldn't really mean anything but 'Haha cool...NOT!' Not to mention segment violation which had to do with BSP nodes not being built properly or something. You get the picture.

Here's the original file:
And the link to Hyena's review:

The last two nights I've been working on my new level, First Spawn REDUX, which as the title suggests is a Special Edition of the original First Spawn. The original concepts are still there, such as basic shapes of rooms, monster and secret locations, et cetera, except this time it's hopefully not teh suck. I've only got the first 10% done, seeing as I've had to work, and I've been trying to get 'Trading Bases' ready to go.

So what's the whole point of this thread?

I'm merely asking you to download and play the level, and offer some suggestions on how to improve the level, what to leave the same, et cetera et cetera ad infinium. This isn't a project that's going to die, it'll get done (and with Christmas vacation coming up, it should be done before the end of the year).

Thanks in advance!

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REDUX's dominate texture so far is GRAY5, although that's subject to change. I actually like STARTAN3 better, it has more of the feel of a research facility/military base that's been taken over.

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