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Sir Sapo

Legacy Editing

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You guys are probably all getting tired of my questions but its semester exam time and i have a lot of time on my hands after my test..... anyway

When i am making a WAD for Legacy, do i have to specify that the map is for legacy in the Level Editor, or will any map work for it?

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As with most engines, Doom Legacy can run standard Doom maps. So if you're not making a Hexen format map, it should work.

Im not sure about WadAuthor, but Deepsea and Doom Builder both have special configurations for Doom Legacy. Altho its not required in this case, it IS recommanded to use them as they have some extra linedefs, sector types and/or things defined. So you dont have to lookup the number, but you can just click and select it from a list or so.

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WadAuthor does not need a special legacy config. You just create the dummy sectors and then change the line types in "edit raw data," to 281 or whatever.

I suppose if you new enough about it you could make a legacy config for it... or has someone already?

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