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zdoom error question +

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Hey there,
Does anyone know what this error means i got while batteling a monster, Z_malloc:failed on allocation of 115744 bytes? Luckily it was a one time thing and i could not reproduce it but if i knew what this means maybe i could make sure i avoid it.

Also, whenever i spawn or activate a monster it instantly reacts without hearing a sound or seeing the player. Is this the way it is suppose to be? How can i prevent this?

I'm also having a problem with nondeaf monsters ina sealed off area reacting to gunfire from another close area when they should not be able to hear the gunfire. I'm a very experienced builder and i know there are no openings or split (shared) sectors between the areas or any other errors. I can make the monsters unactive then activate them but it's still annoying and i was wondering if anyone has ever had this happen.
Thanks, Chris C

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you're probably using an outdated version of zdoom, the heap was removed a while ago and zdoom now allocates its own memory: http://www.zdoom.org/files/lars/60.cab

as for the monster spawning, unfortunetly once the player has been in a sector or fired shots into it, it gets flagged and any monsters later spawned there will be awakened. This is standard doom behavior, though it is now possible to flag monsters deaf with a script, I believe setactorproperty(tid, aprop_ambush, 1); should do the trick (where tid is the spawned monster's tid).

for the last problem, I'm not totally sure what you mean. since you said 'close area' it's entirely possible the monsters should be able to hear the player if he's close by (since they're not deaf). There was a recent bug where monsters could wake up when not in sight or sound of the player, and that will be fixed in the next version. If you meant 'closed area' then that might be the bug I just spoke of, in which case a new version will probably be out within a week or two (though you never can tell with these things)

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It does sound like a problem from useing an old version which was also mentioned in the zdoom forum. I am useing an old version.

The sound problem is wierd. Room (A) is seperated from room (B) by two doors (floor and ceiling heights the same). As soon as i fire a shot in room A all the NONdeaf monsters in room B react, i can hear them then see them when i go into room B. This is not suppose to happen and it only happens in this one area. Most people will think i have an opening or a same sector shared by both rooms but i don't. It's wierd and just wondered if anyone has had this hapen or had any explanation.

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