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OMG Doom Builder Editing Error!

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I got the latest update for Doom Builder, and fixed all other errors, but when I try to test play a map for the Doom64 TC in Doom Builder, I get this error:

DD_ReadDefs: No state or mobj definitions found!

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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Doom Builder doesn't do a good job launching the game. When Absolution.exe is executed, it laucnhes a couple of commands to load the ded data files, and load the main doom64, and game data wads as well.

When Doom Builder launches the game, it just tells the exe just load your wad only, and ignore everything else, which sucks.

In your configurations, set the -file paths to doom64_abtin.wad, d64data.wad, and then set this command to load the main ded file:

-d c:\absolution\bin\defs\doom64\doom64.ded

of course change the directory if its different.

but then yet, still loading the game under doom builder fails it.
so pretty much, just save your wad into /bin/data/doom64/auto and launch the game on your own rather than using doom builder

I have absolution in my task bar, so running a test map isn't a problem.

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Doom Builder sucks for having its parameters default set to Doom's standard?
Or did jDoom screw up compatibility and cannot be launched with parameters?

Please, dont blame me for someone elses creation, tnx.

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well, as far as I know, Doom Builder seems to have trouble loading wads from a separete directory.

so Job, you may have to have your custom wad set with -file in your testing options.

here's what I have in my testing configuration. it seems to work fine now

-userdir c:\absolution\bin -iwad c:\absolution\bin\doom2.wad -d c:\absolution\bin\defs\doom64\doom64.ded -file C:\Absolution\Bin\Data\doom64\doom64_abstin.wad C:\Absolution\Bin\Data\d64data.wad C:\Doom2\Doom_Builder\test.wad -r c:\absolution\bin\drD3D.dll

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The following results in the same parameters, but with automatic insertion of IWAD and test file:

-userdir c:\absolution\bin -iwad %W -d c:\absolution\bin\defs\doom64\doom64.ded -file C:\Absolution\Bin\Data\doom64\doom64_abstin.wad C:\Absolution\Bin\Data\d64data.wad %F -r c:\absolution\bin\drD3D.dll

The %W is the path and filename to your IWAD, %F is path and filename to the test wad. These are in short path format to be sure it also works with MSDOS programs. In the same way, you could use %A for the Additional Textures wad file if you use one in Doom Builder.

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