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Getting zdoom gl to work

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i got doom 2 at the flea market and i havent been able to friggin stop!!!

i discovered this site freakin cool site and i saw those tight ass screen on the ZdoomGL section, i want to know how can i make my doom run like that? i think i downloaded all the nesesary programs but i m not sure.. can someone gimme a quick run down of what i need / what i need to do???

Win XP, P4 1.8gHz, 512DDR, 32mb GeForce 2 MX 100/200, SB Live! value


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hmm, most of the screenshots here are from ZDoomGL 0.66, which supported dynamic lights and md2 models. ZDoomGL 0.7+ doesn't support those yet. You might want to grab ZDoomGL 0.66.2 along with the md2 pack and SlayeR's lights.ini, all of which are available at the SourceForge download site: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=63545 (the lights.ini is in either the 0.66.2 package or it's with the md2 pack).

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i get an error :

Can't find md2\weapons\hud\bgg\tris.md2

am i supposed to make a director called /md2/ ?
or do i unzip it all in the same directory?

AH! i just got it to work... i made a directory called /md2/ then i made 1 more directory located in /m2/doomguy/ and in there i cut and pasted doomguy.md2 and the rest worked great... thanks!!!

one final question, all my save game files are regular Zdoom.. is there a way i can convert them so i can finish off the rest of my game with zdoomgl ? (im on level 20 on ultra violent)

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hmm, I don't think you can use ZDoom 2.x savegames with ZDoomGL 0.66 since it's based on ZDoom 1.22 =/

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thnx!, i remmeber playing 3d doom with cross hair and all that like a year ago, and i just recently went to do it again, but when i downloaded ZDoomGL. it was all gak. and not 3d. and so i came here, and this post fixed my prob! w00t w00t

i fogot, does ).66 support multiplayer online? lan? ip? anything?

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