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Skunkboy Kyle

Hey, I have one of these.

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What Doom items I own?
-I used to have an Ultimate Doom poster with the fake signatures of everyone who worked on it (you know, the screen printed shit).
-I've bought all the Doom games, Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Doom 64, and Final Doom.
-Used to have a copy of Hexen but it didn't run on my computer so I chunked it.
-I have a "Doom: Strategys And Secrets" book around here, somewhere...
Eager Beaver chainsaw (mine leaks oil too just like Tom's)
-Most of the Doom soundtrack based songs (Alice In Chains, Pantera, Slayer, etc.)
-I do have body armor, my dad has a bullet proof vest in the closet.
-We also have a Glock (18 I think) but I don't think it's the same model as the gun in Doom.

So what other Doom items do other people own?

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Me and my cousin have a few pewter figures, cyberdemon and such. But mostly just all those old "ID! ZONE" cd/book compilations that sucked yet we bought them for the heck of it :P

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I own the doom shotgun.

And I own an airsoft beretta, and the beretta is the pistol from doom.

/me one-up's the skunkboy

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the_Danarchist said:

I have a BFG 9000.

I do too! but mines all pixelated and 2d and is eternally stuck in my screen.

Wait a minute I found a 3d model one in my screen too! Quick! get me a hammer! I must break it out of my screen for optimum use! :D

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Lutrov71 said:

You all suck, I got a fist! *Smacks everyone to death.*

i got a fist with a spiked ring, so i guess i win.

i got posters, ultimate doom and doom 3, the pewter figures. a dildo in the shape on an imp (official impse gear... ok i am kidding)

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I have a plasma rifle!! Its sitting in the trunk of my girly-green Sentra...... Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

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i have a pet imp, an imp skin rug and a demon mounted on my wall.

i also have alot of cacodemon meat in the freezer if anyone is interested. its really good

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