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Saddam, mojo and you - a news report

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Apparently, amidst all the dehumanizing probing that took place, Saddam's mojo was lost. A person can't help but feel a little upset about it all.

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The question is, would he be given much chance to use it anyway? I have a feeling that others might be given the chance to use their mojos with him though. It the soap on the rope isn't quality. And WTF, some people don't even get that much action. Saddam losing his mojo, he should be thankful!

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Grimm said:

That is the shittiest article I've ever read. Or tried to read.


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Tobester said:

Do we really want saddam having sex with heather graham anyway?

That goes without saying.


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the_Danarchist said:

But who would have stolen it?

Kim Jong-Il?

Bush, of course. He didn't invade Iraq just for the oil. There's somethings that even his corporate friends can't buy him.

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Ultraviolet said:


Yeah, I'd say that one word pretty much summarizes this entire thread.

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