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Sir Sapo


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Why cant I load my PWADs from a ZDOOM shortcut, I used to be able to by typing in the -file thing into the target box but now it wont work, am I doing anything wrong?

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Dunno, but you can also click-and-drag wads and .DEH/.BEX patches onto a shortcut to ZDoom and it'll load them. You can select several and drag them all onto the shortcut if you want, or just one, whatever.

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Should work the way you described. Make sure you include the FULL path to the WAD file unless it's in the same directory as ZDooM.

There are three other ways that I know of to load PWADs with ZDooM.

1. Click-and-drag, like Ultraviolet said.

2. Start->Run..->type "cmd"->change dir to ZDooM dir. Type "zdoom -file [whatever].wad"

3. Use a launcher.


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